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10 Lakh (10,00,000) E-Mailis Server
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WIXITECH MAIL is the Number1 Bulk Email Service Provider in Surat, India for the speed and quality, send email with our premium Dedicated email gateway server. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that allows the brand to connect with a huge database of audience. Additionally, it is an effective and inexpensive mode of communication. These email communications could contain everything from promotional information to advertisements, offers, deals, announcements and links. Our email marketing service can help you send out emails to your customers and stakeholders which link back to your website. Such a bulk emailing service can be integrated with big campaigns and can be monitored for click-through rates by linking with sophisticated campaign management tools. Hems Mail Provides avenues for direct mail advertising through Email marketing in India. You can also measure the success of the campaign with our analytical tools. Email server with Affordable Price. Know more about Our Bulk Email packages bellow:
1 Month Validity Email Packages:-
  Number of Emails Validity Time Total Price in USD Buy Now  
  1 Lakh (1,00,000) 1 Month 90 USD  
  5 Lakh (5,00,000) 1 Month 270 USD  
  10 Lakh (10,00,000) 1 Month 450 USD  
  50 Lakh (50,00,000) 1 Month 900 USD  
  1 Crore (1,00,00,000) 1 Month 1350 USD  
  Need More Emails Credit Then Email Or Call us:-        
Promotional Bulk Email Advantages:
• 100% Delivery.
# Upload or Import Content from .csv , .txt file.
# Use Your Existing Template.
# Access our panel everywhere in world.
# Email Open & Link Tracking.
# Email Bounce Tracking.
# Unsubscribe Reporting.
# Your own from email Id
# Dedicated SMTP Server & IP Address
# DKIM, SPF and PRT Ready
# Multiple API Options
# All tax included.
# Our terms, conditions, validity & pricing are subject to change according to International mailing rules.
# The email will be delivered in inbox or spam depending on the email campaigns and email services provider.
What is Bulk Email, E-Mail Marketing or Email Campaign?:
E-Mail Marketing, as the word itself suggests marketing through electronic mails, is becoming more predominant in present times for most of the companies as they are using it for their benefit. It is a form of direct marketing for commercial communicating or fund raising messages to audience. Every e-mail sent to potential customers or a targeted client is the core of e-mail marketing....
The main purpose of Bulk Email, Email Marketing or Email Campaign is:
# To enhance merchant-customer relationships through E-mails.
# To encourage new customers and rekindle old customers to purchase products immediately.
# Posting advertisements on emails by companies for their customers.
Benefits of Bulk Email, Email Marketing or Email Campaign:
# It is helpful to distribute information to wide range of customers at a time.
# Only targeted customers and potential clients are sent emails.
# The cost of email marketing is relatively low compare to other types of marketing.
# Compared to other media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters, e-mail is less expensive.
# E-mail marketing, often reported as second only to search marketing, is the most effective online marketing tactic.
# The delivery time for an e-mail message is short (i.e.,seconds or minutes) as compared to a mailed advertisement.
# E-mail messages are easy to track. An advertiser can track users via auto responders, bounce messages, unsubscribe requests, read receipts, click-throughs, etc.
# Advertisers can reach substantial numbers of e-mail subscribers who have opted in to receive e-mail communications on subjects of interest to them. E-mail marketing is paper-free. Hence, it is eco-friendly.
Features of Email Marketing Services:
# Each Mail Send Unique IP Address
# All Mail Delivered with Domain Authentication
# Acknowledge won’t misfortune for Bounce Mail (Return Balance on Bounce)
# Send Unlimited Mails with Mins
# Import email Data From Excel & Notepad Format (.XLSX & .txt)
# Remove all invalid Email from your Database
# Report : Send Mail, Bounce Mail, Open Mail & Unsubscribe Mail
# No Complaints from Server site for Your Business & Domains
# Provide Email Database on your Requirement free of Cost
# We can send Campaign our end on your behalf.
# Panel is totally white Label
# Globally Access Panel with your Domain & Static IPs
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